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about online physio services in canmore alberta, Cloud Go Health

About cloud physio

Cloud physio is the perfect solution for those who live in remote towns who may not have a local physiotherapy office and those with mobility issues preventing them from attending brick-and-mortar clinic appointments.

Via our secure video conferencing platform our licenced and experienced physiotherapists can discuss your symptoms and reasons for seeking treatment, and help guide you through physical exercises and stretches to treat your specific problem areas. We listen to your story and with expert clinical reasoning and inquiry we work with you to set up a plan that works for you to reach your health and wellness goals.

Our cloud physio and healthcare team

Want to "meet" your registered physiotherapists and dietitians before your first consult? Read all about their qualifications, experience, and a few personal fun facts on our staff bio page.

You can also read up on your specific condition or injury here before your consult. Learn more about how cloud physiotherapy consultations work and schedule your initial consultation today.

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