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» Course: Improve Tele-Rehab

Course: Improve Tele-Rehab

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Tele-Rehabilitation for the Orthopaedic Physiotherapist – How to Excel – April 25, 2020 (9am-1pm MST)

These are extraordinary times and we have been quickly thrown into the world of Tele-Rehabilitation.

As a clinician, you no longer have access to the tools that you would typically use and rely on when you work with your patient in the clinic.

You have embraced the world of Tele-Rehabilitation and you now have the technology set up to deliver tele-rehabilitation physiotherapy care.

However, you are an orthopaedic physiotherapist who is trained to deliver care with your manual therapy and needling skills. How do you deliver the same exceptional care you provide in the clinic online?

This course will show you to perform your musculoskeletal physiotherapy assessment online and provide you with effective treatment strategies.


1. Review the set up for the delivery for tele-rehabilitation.

2. Explore the literature around the delivery of MSK tele-rehabilitation.

3. Revisit the musculoskeletal assessment and how to translate this to online delivery.

4. Learn how to perform an effective musculoskeletal assessment online.

5. Learn how to translate your treatment strategies to online delivery.

6. Build your skill set to establish an effective treatment plan and partnership with your client.

7. Discuss and review case studies.

8. Explore other skill sets to develop.

9. Gather your tools to deliver an exceptional tele-rehabilitation experience.

10. Leave this course with a clear system and path to deliver your care online.

11. Remain connected with a community to elevate the level of tele-rehabilitation and ongoing access to resources and support.

Join Heather King on this 4-hour online course to learn how you can successfully deliver your MSK expertise by telerehabilitation.

WHEN: April 25, 2020, 9AM-1PM MST


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