Online Physio for BC, Alberta, NWT, Ontario, UK

Providing Health Care Solutions to You
in our Virtual Clinic in the Cloud.

Through Partnership, we will empower you to feel and move your best.
Connecting with you in the comfort of your home by secure video conference.

Welcome to Cloud GO Health - Online Physiotherapy Service Canada

What We Do

We provide healthcare solutions (including online physio, online dietician/nutrition consulting, and more) to you in our virtual clinic through our secure web video conferencing platform. We are able to offer online physiotherapy services & online nutrition coaching for those in BC, Alberta, NWT and Ontario, Canada. Receipts provided. 

What We Believe

We believe in a new model of healthcare that will elevate the health consciousness of all communities.

We believe in understanding your story and providing solutions that will empower you to live your best life.

Using research and your intuitive knowledge, we work with you and your family to elevate your health from wherever you are.

How Online Physiotherapy Service Can Help

We listen to your story and, with expert clinical reasoning and inquiry, we work with you to set up a plan that works for you to reach your health and wellness goals.

We provide services to elevate your body, mind and spirit with:

  • Physiotherapy Solutions (online physio)
  • Nutrition Solutions
  • Mental Performance Solutions
  • Sports Programs and Strength Solutions. All done online! 

How Things Flow

    • Book an Appointment Online to Learn More or Book an Initial Assessment with Your Registered Health Care Professional.  Don’t see a time on the online schedule that works for you?  Call us and we will set an appointment time that works with your schedule.
    • Follow the Step by Step instructions that will be sent to you in a personal e-mail to sign in to our virtual clinic to get your session started. Having a secure internet connection with Google Chrome will get the best results for your session in the virtual clinic.  
    • The video assessment will take place in a similar way as if you were in the health clinic.  
    • Following your initial assessment, a treatment plan will be sent to you outlining the best ways to manage your condition and exercise solutions.
    • Review the Plan with your Therapist to put things into action to embark on your journey to optimal well being. Cue up your follow up visits to meet your goals.

Cloud GO Health Solutions for You

Our Virtual Clinic

Our Virtual Clinic

We will meet with you in our virtual clinic. With you on your laptop or phone in our secure video platform, we are able to assess injury, challenges, movement, alignment, and more. We will work together on a treament plan to get your to optimal health.